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Enthusiasm for The Storyteller

'The Storyteller packs a punch of girl-tude - historical Wild West style. Strong characters tell a story of independence in soon- to-be new state Wyoming, and take us on a romantic, intriguing and action-filled path - the 'placard for women's rights type' of action, as well as the swash buckling heroism type. Nice conversation between the two, I thought. Explored within the realms of its 19th century setting, complete with Pashley's sweeping landscapes, and quirky details of the town of Feather Ridge, it is a conversation that is dealt with in sincerity and conjures a bucket load of feisty, frontier attitude.
      There is a familiar quality, especially in the lead protagonists Vicki and Will, that gives the reader the enjoyable feeling of joining friends for a short but memorable and monumental time in their lives. Rooting for happiness, justice, equality and above all, love, The Storyteller doesn't disappoint, and promises a full set of storytelling emotions - happiness, sadness, shock, and fulfilment with every turning of the page.
       Watch out, a Vicki Carlisle may be coming to a town near you...and she may just bring that contagious Wyoming spunk and independent spirit.

'I am reading The Storyteller for the second time already! Between the chicken, the bear and the daughters and the tension with Vicki and Will, it's a highly entertaining read. Beyond that, there is a strong storyline with a fantastic heroine and great supporting characters. The writing takes me from the 21st century and smack bang into the 19th and I dream of wide open spaces, big blue skies, small town life and my very own Will Harrison! Congratulations on this wonderful novel, a favourite of mine by far!'  Eve Foster

'Ava Pashley is my new favorite author! I found myself reading The Storyteller in one sitting, as I simply could not bear to put it down. It had me riveted from the first word and weeks later I still find myself thinking about certain scenarios that happened in the novel. It was refreshing to read a book that was sweet in its simplicity and empowering at the same time. This is storytelling as it should be. Highly recommended if you want a story you can sink your teeth into.'  Jane Keighley

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