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Ava Pashley is passionate about writing and about storytelling. Not surprising then that her first romance-mystery is called The Storyteller. 


And now, for your entertainment and delight, presenting The Storyteller book trailer...

The Storyteller book trailer features an original song titled "Come Back to Me". The song is written by Tank & Ferry Entertainment author Terri Sedmak and produced by Kevin Mascarenhas of Harmonique.



"Vicki is a young woman who through the sheer exuberance of her imagination is prone to exaggeration. Will, being a steady young man who is realizing that there is more to his life than what he's known, simply cannot resist her.
   "Their journey is about being the person you need to be, living the life you are meant to live, finding the courage and the means to make it happen. And that might just mean not doing it all on your own as you thought."

Ava Pashley on her romantic protagonists in
The Storyteller

 The back cover tells us 'the power of the written word will change her town forever...' Rippling with mystery and intrigue, The Storyteller will deposit you squarely in Feather Ridge, a little town with a big secret, and won't let you leave until the storyteller has spun her final web of words. 

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In paperback and ebook and available from online bookstores.